Written Testimonials

  For many years, I have taken piano lessons at the Tirpak Music Studio. I have learned musically, interesting, and artistically gratifying songs, designed for my musical pleasure.  Technique is taught with valuable and understanding instruction. Ms. Barbara is one of the wonderful, warmhearted people who make all the difference. She has the skill and knowledge, understanding, and a special warmth and sensitivity to others - all the attributes that make for an exceptionally wonderful teacher. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail has helped me succeed at the piano in many ways. Her positive attitude and keen sensitivity make Ms. Barbara a gifted teacher. She teaches me, as her student, with kindness, enthusiasm, and dedication. She makes a difference in my life - a wonderful appreciation of music, and skill in playing the piano. As I’ve grown older, I have carried her valuable lessons along the way with my emotional connection to the piano. Thank you for influencing my life, Ms. Barbara! I am 84 years old (“young”) and plan on continuing my lessons.
Gilda S.
My name is Simone Silva. My daughter has been taking piano lessons for about a year now, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how satisfied I am with the results.  I surely recommend the Tirpak Music Studio.  It’s very clean, friendly, and a comfortable place to be. I really trust her.  I know she always does her best to make sure we can play songs that I would like. She is a very beautiful and gentle lady.  It’s almost impossible not to love her.
Simone S.
My name is Jaylynn Santos.  I have been working with Ms. Barbara for about a year and so far, it has been wonderful.  She has taught me many things and adapted to the songs that me and my mom prefer.  She has helped me learn the piano in a very professional form.  You can learn a lot from her in a short amount of time.  Ms. Barbara is a very thoughtful and loving person. She really does show that she wants to help me grow and learn more about the piano.  I recommend her.
Jaylynn S.